Frequently Asked Questions


First things first: policies. If these don’t answer your Q, keep reading!

  1. Mats are required for all yoga classes. We encourage you to bring your own, but we also offer mat rentals for $5.
  2. Athletic shoes are required for all bounce, tramp + tone, high fitness, and high low classes. We also suggest them for circuit classes.
  3. We have a 2-hour cancellation policy for group classes. If you can’t make it, cancel 2+ hours before class to avoid a $5 charge.
  4. For safety reasons, we don’t allow late entry into our classes. Gotta get that warm-up in!
  5. We have a 14 day membership cancellation policy. You MUST send us an email – removing your autopay in the app does not cancel your membership.

A: Absolutely! If you’re new to yoga, we recommend starting with Slow Flow or Vinyasa Flow. But you know yourself best – hop on into any class you feel ready for!

A: We believe that wellness is for every body and everybody! We would love to have you at Free Flow, and most of our classes are open to all levels. Due to equipment, our Fly Bounce trampolines do have a weight limit of 250 lbs. If you have other questions, or want to ask if a previous injury will affect you in class, please reach out – we’d be happy to help.

A: Bringing your mat is highly encouraged! We will also have yoga mats available for rent for $5/class.

A: Creating a Free Flow account is easy! You can download our app for Apple or Android, or visit us online.

A: Not at all! We hated those gym contracts that locked you in for years at a time, so we pledged never to bring them into our studio. Instead, we just require two weeks’ heads up if you ever need to change or cancel. Remember: gotta send that request in by email! It’s, if you need a reminder.

(An important note: removing your autopay in your app DOES NOT cancel your membership. Fun fact: we can’t tell if you choose on autopay or not! That’s between you and your bank. If you select “remove autopay,” the app just assumes you’d like to use another card next time. If you don’t add one, our system still cues us to bill the card you DO have saved. So, just to double down: wanna cancel? Email us. It’s the only way.)

A: For all of our classes, comfortable fitness attire is best. Remember, you’ll need athletic shoes for our bounce classes, but not for yoga!

A: We have cubbies by the studio room for you to leave your belongings while you sweat! We encourage you to leave valuables at home.

A: Yes! We offer individual showers (and fresh towels), bathrooms, and a large makeup counter, so you can flow, get ready, and go.

A: We understand – things happen! We have a 2 hour cancellation policy for all of our classes. Simply put: if you need to cancel class more than 2 hours before it starts, you’re golden! No fee for you! If you cancel 2 hours or less before class starts, we don’t have time to give your spot to someone else. We won’t break your bank with the full class rate, just a little $5 fee.

A: While we’d love to let you into class late, it’s pretty disruptive to other clients – not to mention, you are much more injury-prone without a warmup! If you’re going to be late, just catch us next time. We’ll understand.

A: Just shoot us a direct message on Instagram, and we’d be happy to help!