At Free Flow, our classes are broken down into three segments: yoga, fusion, and cardio. Want traditional practice? We’ve got it, from yin to power and everything in between. Ready to try something new? Hop in on a fusion class like 11:11 or NuSculpt. Need to reach for the sky? Try our Bounce classes for the most fun cardio you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Vinyasa is our foundational flow. Each class is uniquely structured and sequenced, but you can always expect a moderately-paced practice linking breath with movement. 

Power Flow is an invigorating breath-led practice that will challenge and empower you. Expect sweat & advanced options to incorporate into your flow! 

Yin offers long holds & passive poses, designed to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and increase circulation. We often use props, but body weight is incorporated to get maximum stretch, too.

Restorative is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching and deep breaths. Long holds allow your muscles to relax deeply. Props, rather than your own muscles, are used to support your body, creating a unique experience.

11:11 is an urban methodology yoga class (get ready for some hip-hop beats!) with 11 primary poses (asanas), 11 sun salutations, 4 cardio bursts, and 7 chakra openers – all in a palindrome format in a moderately heated room.

Our signature class is a mix of strength training exercises with NuBells® enhanced with a powerful yoga flow so you can lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Expect to sweat and move. You can increase intensity or modify as your practice dictates. Open to all levels. Room is unheated.

Fly Bounce is an exhilarating cardio experience that introduces rebounding exercises and combinations as well as explosive tabata-style intervals. A portion of the class is also dedicated to full-body strength training and core work so that your body is challenged to its max. Although this class is for all levels, the cardio is still intense, leaving you drenched in sweat and feeling so good! Wear your athletic shoes to this one – they’re required.

The LYT™ Yoga Method, created by a certified physical therapist and yoga teacher, champions strength, balance, and resilience for every body, while examining the mind-body connection through targeted movement sequences. LYT™ Yoga is grounded in the functional teachings of PT and anatomy. This class is all about getting stronger, more resilient, and more balanced so that anyone can be the best version of themselves both on and off the mat.

Prenatal Yoga is a space for expecting mamas to flow, move, breathe, and find community. Postnatal Yoga is a spot for mamas + new babies to bond while mama recovers from birth with mindful movement. Our Pre/Postnatal classes are offered “on-demand” in 4-week packs, so email us at to schedule your next series! Pricing is $125/client for solo classes, $100/client for BFF sessions, and $75/client for 3+ mamas.