Here at Free Flow, we believe you should have options – which is why we offer a wide variety of class formats. Our classes come in 4 categories – cardio conditioning, strength training, barre, and yoga. Within each of those modalities, you will find options based your own personal needs, preferences, and capabilities. We want people of all ages, sizes, and places in their fitness journey to find themselves comfortable attending a class and adapting it to their needs. Modifications will be given throughout each class, so you can adapt, listen to your body, and make it your own. Our instructors are here to serve you and meet you where you are, not read off a list of pre-determined poses. Class is for YOU! We are just here to offer suggestions, adjustments, and encouragement.

Vinyasa is our foundational flow. Each class is uniquely structured and sequenced, but you can always expect a moderately-paced practice linking breath with movement. 

We encourage you to bring your own mat! We also offer mat rentals for $5.

Power Flow is an invigorating breath-led practice that will challenge and empower you. Expect sweat & advanced options to incorporate into your flow! 

We encourage you to bring your own mat! We also offer mat rentals for $5.

Two of your favorites combined in one short, effective class! This HIIT format alternates between intervals of low-impact (but high sweat!) cardio on the trampoline and targeted total body strength training moves. Modifications will be given, so this class is open to all levels.

Athletic shoes required.

Restorative is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching and deep breaths. Long holds allow your muscles to relax deeply. Props, rather than your own muscles, are used to support your body, creating a unique experience.

We encourage you to bring your own mat! We also offer mat rentals for $5.

Slow Flow emphasizes mindful movement, while still allowing you to feel the burn and work up a sweat if that’s what your body needs. we create a safe and open environment for you to gently arrive into your yoga practice. This class is all about breath, proper alignment, and connecting your mind and your body. Perfect for all levels, from first-time yogis to decades-long practicers.

We encourage you to bring your own mat! We also offer mat rentals for $5.

In this 30-minute class, we will get down to business lifting heavier weights with slow, controlled form, targeting specific muscle groups each session.  You will begin to see the power and strength that comes from challenging yourself to build more lean muscle mass, connecting to the burn with each phase of the process. This short class packs a punch and fatigues the muscles, resulting in a more defined physique and greater strength potential in all your other FFY class formats! A beautiful compliment to yoga and bounce.

This is an intermediate to advanced class. Athletic shoes required.

Our signature class is a mix of strength training exercises with NuBells® enhanced with a powerful yoga flow so you can lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Expect to sweat and move. You can increase intensity or modify as your practice dictates. Open to all levels. Room is unheated.

Fly Bounce is an exhilarating cardio experience that introduces rebounding exercises and combinations as well as explosive tabata-style intervals. A portion of the class is also dedicated to full-body strength training and core work so that your body is challenged to its max. Although this class is for all levels, the cardio is still intense, leaving you drenched in sweat and feeling so good!

Wear your athletic shoes to this one – they’re required.

You asked and we delivered: introducing Bar Bounce + Sculpt! This bounce class is for all levels. It incorporates the handlebar, which is awesome for stability, and provides a whole new world of sculpting and balance work! If you have been wanting to take bounce but are apprehensive this class is for YOU. If you have been taking bounce for a while and just want some fun new moves to mix things up, this class is also for you!

Athletic shoes required.

HIGH Low is a low impact aerobics workout experience based on traditional aerobics principles creating a steady state cardio workout. This action packed, full body blast will challenge you all the while keeping it LOW. HIGH Low uses cardio and toning tracks choreographed with simple fitness moves that result in a high energy, fun and effective group fitness class that will keep you coming back for more. Athletic shoes required.

High Fitness is a modern take on old-school aerobics with great music, easy to follow choreography, and a guaranteed good time! You will love the great beats, big sweat, and have so much fun you forget you’re working out! All levels welcome! Athletic shoes required.

No matter your fitness level – whether you’re just starting out or work out 7 days a week — Flex Fitness will rapidly transform your mind and body into an entirely new you! You don’t need heavy weights to improve your strength – Flex Fitness uses light hand weights, light ankle weights, resistance bands, pilates balls and bodyweight to create long and lean feminine muscles while being kind to your joints through fluid, low-impact movements. You’ll get a full body workout with energizing music that’s so much FUN and rewarding!

Prenatal Yoga is a space for expecting mamas to flow, move, breathe, and find community. Postnatal Yoga is a spot for mamas + new babies to bond while mama recovers from birth with mindful movement. Our Pre/Postnatal classes are offered “on-demand” in 4-week packs, so email us at to schedule your next series! Pricing is $125/client for solo classes, $100/client for BFF sessions, and $75/client for 3+ mamas.